The Hot Office Chick

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The Hot Office Chick

Alexya is hard at work at the office. Do you have a co-worker like this at your workplace? The truth is, this kind of work is not suitable for a buxom beauty like Alexya. She could break a fingernail writing stupid notes for the boss or get a back ache from the cheap chairs he provides for his employees.

Alexya should not continue this abuse a moment longer. Instead, she should be undressing for the SCORE cameras and playing with her big, fantastic boobs and pussy, a much more productive activity. So that's exactly what she does. It really brightens up the office.

"Everything about Alexya oozes sex appeal, and her tits are magnificent," said member K.B. We couldn't agree more. Read More »
Featuring: Alexya
Date: October 19th, 2023
Duration: 19:52

Member Comments

1 month ago 

Definately in the top 5 hottest chicks in the history of Scoreland. Her scenes never get old.

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