Let's Bowl With Alexya

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Let's Bowl With Alexya

Alexya never gets around to actually bowling at the bowling center we rented for her. She does play with the balls and pins. Either way, Alexya bowls everyone over. Here's a girl who never throws a gutter ball. She's a winner. A quiet girl on-camera (even in her video interviews), Alexya communicates with her eyes and Mona Lisa smile.

"Maybe I will try to bowl when I have the time on a weekend," Alexya told us after the shoot wrapped.

Voluptuous editor Dave wasn't surprised that Alexya won the magazine's 2015 Newcomer of the Year title.

"Alexya inspires outpourings of admiration," Dave wrote.

"I didn't have such big breasts when I was in school," Alexya said. "I was about 18 or 19 years old when they started to grow. I was very surprised."

She never thought it would happen. Even if she had never been boob-blessed, Alexya would have modeled anyway. She definitely has the beautiful face and body for posing on-camera. Breast-man are just lucky that Alexya decided to go totally nude.… Read More »
Featuring: Alexya
Date: August 24th, 2023
Duration: 16:55

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