Busty Island Beauty

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Busty Island Beauty

Alexya looks like a midnight fantasy, but she's real, incredibly real. Follow this seductive buxom beauty around one of the houses at the Dominican resort where the movie On Location North Coast was filmed. Here's a girl with an air of mystery who is very much aware of her own power and influence.

If Alexya could be one of the goddesses of Roman mythology, who would she be? Venus? Aurora? Luna?

Untroubled by society's dress code, she could wear or not wear anything she wanted at this big-boob paradise.

One of the photographer's noted that "Alexya is a free-spirit. She does whatever she's in the mood for. She was always doing her own thing but never in a way that caused a disturbance. She's in her own world a lot, and I guess you could say it's a world a lot of men would love to be in." Read More »
Featuring: Alexya
Date: November 2nd, 2023
Duration: 17:01

Member Comments

What an amazing scene. Great work by score and Alexya. Just let the camera roll and she does the rest. That outfit and heels is one of the best ever in Score history. Fuck me

That is an incredible scene. Wow that's amazing. Her body in those heels and that monokini is heart stopping

Alexya not only beautiful but the body of a goddess.

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