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Fun With Fruit

This scene was shot for the movie On Location North Coast, in which eight naturally stacked beauties, including Alexya, gather at a beachfront villa on the north coast of the Dominican Republic and carry out challenges created by the SCORE and Voluptuous editor. Here, Alexya, Sha Rizel and Codi Vore are lounging outside the villa. They're wearing tight miniskirts and tight bras with cardigans knotted under their big boobs. Head-spinners! A waiter walks over to their loungers with a tray of tropical cocktails then hands Codi a tablet. It's the next message from the editor. What's on his boob-besotted mind this time?

"Girls, one of the greatest things about big, natural boobs are the things that you can do with them, and I mean you," he says. "The next challenge is to be creative. Show us what you can do with big tits. Everything you can do with your tits. We have fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes, so have at it."

When the girls stroll into the villa, they see a large… Read More »
Featuring: Sha Rizel, Alexya, and Codi Vore
Duration: 14:22

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